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Collection: Floribunda Roses

Welcome to Henry Street Nursery, where the splendor of Floribunda Roses awaits you. Our carefully cultivated roses are ready for dispatch, ensuring they will grace your garden within 3-5 days. With a reputation as the highest-rated nursery on Trustpilot and a recipient of prestigious awards, we are your trusted source for the finest Floribunda Roses.

What is a Floribunda Rose? Floribunda Roses are a delight to the senses, known for their prolific and bountiful blooms. These roses are the result of a harmonious union between Hybrid Teas and Polyanthas, offering the best of both worlds. They are prized for their clusters of flowers, creating a magnificent burst of color in your garden. Floribundas are renowned for their exceptional hardiness, making them perfect for both novice and experienced gardeners.

Example Varieties:

  1. Ebb Tide: A mesmerizing, deep purple Floribunda rose that evokes the enchanting hues of twilight. Its fragrance and velvety petals make it a true garden gem.

  2. Happy Retirement: Celebrate a new beginning with the cheerful blooms of this Floribunda rose. Its bright and multicolored petals symbolize the joys of a well-deserved retirement.

  3. Iceberg: A classic choice for any garden, Iceberg boasts pure white blooms that radiate elegance and purity, making it an enduring favorite.

  4. Burgundy Ice: Revel in the rich and regal tones of Burgundy Ice. Its deep burgundy petals, set against glossy green foliage, make a striking statement in your garden.

  5. Minerva: Named after the Roman goddess of wisdom, this Floribunda rose embodies grace and beauty. Its lavender-hued petals and intoxicating fragrance make it a symbol of enlightenment.

  6. Blue for You: Experience the rarity of blue in the garden with the unique Blue for You Floribunda rose. Its enchanting lavender-blue blooms are a captivating addition to any landscape.

Henry Street Nursery is your gateway to a garden adorned with the vivid and bountiful blossoms of Floribunda Roses. With their resilience, stunning clusters of flowers, and delightful fragrances, these roses are the perfect choice for any garden enthusiast. Order now and transform your garden into a colorful masterpiece with our Floribunda Roses.