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Collection: Mixed Colour Roses

Henry Street Nursery welcomes you to explore the captivating world of Novelty Mixed Color Roses, where each blossom is a living work of art. Our meticulously chosen roses are ready for swift dispatch, ensuring they'll grace your garden within 3-5 days. As the highest-rated nursery on Trustpilot and an award-winning establishment, we take immense pride in offering you a splendid assortment of Novelty Mixed Color Roses, each an ode to nature's creativity.

Varieties of Novelty Mixed Color Roses:

  • Nostalgia (Cherry Red Edge to Cream Flowers): With cherry-red edges that gracefully transition into creamy centers, Nostalgia is a rose that evokes the beauty of a timeless memory.

  • Purple Tiger (Purple and White Striped Flowers): The striking stripes of deep purple and pure white in Purple Tiger make it a visual masterpiece, adding a touch of the exotic to your garden.

  • Oranges and Lemons (Orange and Yellow Striped Flowers): Inspired by the beloved nursery rhyme, Oranges and Lemons displays cheerful and vibrant orange and yellow stripes that bring a playful spirit to your garden.

  • Handel (Pink Edge to White Flower Climbing Rose): Named in honor of the composer, Handel boasts elegant pink edges that gracefully blend into the purity of white blossoms, creating a harmonious, melodic effect.

  • Persica Varieties (For Your Eyes Only, Eyes for You, Eye of the Tiger): These roses offer an array of captivating single flowers with eyes at their centre, adding depth and intrigue to your garden with their unique blooms.

Henry Street Nursery invites you to embrace the beauty and diversity of Novelty Mixed Color Roses. Our collection, featuring these captivating and unique varieties, will transform your garden into a canvas of colors and patterns, where every bloom is a testament to the artistic wonder of nature. Order now and let the kaleidoscope of our Novelty Mixed Color Roses add a touch of whimsy and charm to your garden.