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A lovely healthy rose

I’m so pleased with my first purchase. Such a healthy rose, lots of foliage and after a couple of months it had two healthy buds and is now in bloom!! I lost my brother recently so this is just perfect to remember him by. Thank you. I will definitely be purchasing from you again.

Lovely healthy plant

Bought as a gift for silver anniversary - looked very healthy plant, really hope it produces many lovely blooms for the recipients

Stunning Rose

Really lovely rose with a lovely perfume. We have planted them in our new pation rose garden and they really do look eye catching

Eyes for u

Good strong healthy rose.
Beautiful colour

Sweet dreams

I ordered these sweet dreams patio Rose for my mum. It arrived in amazing condition stunning roses amazing quality at a fabulous price.


Arrived quickly. Lovely healthy plant. Already two beautiful blooms after only two weeks.

Exactly the colour I was looking for and a beautiful fragrance too!

Wedding gift

This was sent to my son and future daughter in law who get married on 3rd August. They sent me a photo of the rose to thank me. It looked very healthy with two lovely flower buds. A perfect wedding gift and a very happy bride and groom! I would definitely use you again for future purchases.

A gift which thrilled

Bought for a brother & sister-in-law's golden wedding. They were thrilled with it!


This promises to be a lovely rose bush. The flowering buds are just like the website pictures, abundant, large and colourful. Altogether an unusual rose.

Beautiful Rose

Arrived well packaged amd in good condition, looking healthy with bud just opening my daughter in law Victoria will absolutely love it, it smells divine as well


It was a gift for a friend in memory of his wife who died.
He now has the rose in his care.

Giardina Rose

I had seen the Giardina rose when I visited a garden in Fife and ordered one from Henry Street Nursery on my return. I am very pleased with it, it was delivered promptly, lovely quality and size, with a few buds on also.

Lovely bush

Lovely bush hasn't come into bud yet so don't know the outcome will have to see

Eyes for you (Bush)
Patricia A.
Eyes For You Tose

Absolutely lovely rose, I didn’t know anything about persica roses until they were mentioned on tv. I think Hsmpton Court flower show. I’ve only had them for a couple of weeks but they are still looking lovely. The packaging was excellent too, I will certainly buy Henry Street roses again. Well done. Patricia

Arrived quickly

Rose arrived very quickly and well packed. Not yet in bloom, but looks very healthy.

Roses for a memory


It has flowered

Absolutely stunning. Arrived on hottest day of year looking a bit sad like everyone else on the planet.
I repotted it (not recommended but these are my first roses ever). Then read you're actually not mean to do that in July, so thankfully didn't repot the others I bought.
Gave it extra love and care and the first rose blossomed today.
I cannot begin to tell you how much pleasure these roses are giving me - they make my heart skip a beat.

The fragrance is gorgeous

I love everything about this rose. I chose it for the colour. THe scent is wonderful. I spend a lot of time watching, sniffing..oh my- lovely. It is quite a deep luxurious scent.
SO many roses have appeared..

Roses appeared on the hottest day of 2024. I was a bit worried when I opened them as they looked tired (not surprising with the heat). Within a couple of days they were flourishing. x

Paradise in the garden

This rose - such a beautiful smell. I imagine it's what Paradise feels like. I love it and so pretty.
Have had the rose maybe 2 weeks and it is blooming. SO many roses.
I have ordered more rose plants as so impressed

Tribute Rose for a darling pet

The rose arrived on time, well packaged, well watered and was safe to leave for several days if necessary.
Beautiful scent, obviously it will take time to bed in but looking healthy and robust.

Good service and lovely quality plant


Is my first purchase. The Blue moon rose is just mesmerizing. The plant itself is extremely healthy and the buds are opening one after another. I'm well impressed by the service and the quality. Thank you

Beautiful rose

Lovely healthy rose with numerous buds. These have now bloomed into gorgeous smelling vibrant purple flowers.

Queen Bee

My mother in law has this rose, it is so beautiful so I decided to find one online. Henry Street had the exact rose so I ordered one.
Rose arrived very well packed and it’s been with me for around three weeks some buds already established and all I can say is FABULOUS!!!
Quick delivery care instructions and very healthy will definitely order from this site again 5 star and thank you