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Collection: Shrub roses

Discover the enduring charm of Traditional Shrub Roses at Henry Street Nursery. Our carefully selected roses are prepared for swift dispatch, ensuring they'll grace your garden within 3-5 days. As the highest-rated nursery on Trustpilot and a recipient of prestigious awards, we are dedicated to bringing you a splendid assortment of Traditional Shrub Roses, each embodying the timeless beauty and elegance of these classic garden favorites.

What is a Traditional Shrub Rose? Traditional Shrub Roses are the epitome of classic, old-world garden beauty. These roses are valued for their graceful, bushy growth habit and are celebrated for their historical significance in traditional gardens. They often bear single or semi-double blooms and are renowned for their hardiness and ease of care. Traditional Shrub Roses bring a sense of nostalgia and a touch of timeless romance to your outdoor space.

Example Varieties:

  1. Constance Spry: Named after the renowned British florist, this Traditional Shrub Rose features beautifully fragrant, light pink blooms that evoke the elegance of a bygone era.

  2. Canarybird: With its vibrant yellow blossoms, Canarybird adds a cheerful, sunlit charm to your garden. This rose exudes a radiant warmth that's sure to brighten your landscape.

  3. Bonica: A delightful pink Traditional Shrub Rose, Bonica offers a profusion of small, double blooms that are perfect for creating a soft and romantic garden ambiance.

  4. Ballerina: As graceful as its name suggests, Ballerina boasts petite, single, pink blossoms that dance on arching canes, creating a delightful spectacle.

Henry Street Nursery invites you to experience the timeless beauty and elegance of Traditional Shrub Roses. Our collection, including these classic varieties, will transport your garden to an era when gardens were synonymous with romance and enchantment. Order now and let the enduring charm of our Traditional Shrub Roses grace your garden with classic beauty and nostalgia.