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Collection: Ground Cover Roses

Welcome to Henry Street Nursery's enchanting world of Ground Cover Roses, where lush blooms create a carpet of beauty for your garden. Our carefully selected roses are prepared for swift dispatch, ensuring they'll grace your garden within 3-5 days. As the highest-rated nursery on Trustpilot and an award-winning establishment, we are dedicated to providing you with a splendid assortment of Ground Cover Roses, each symbolizing resilience, charm, and a touch of nature's artistry.

What is a Ground Cover Rose? A Ground Cover Rose is a low-growing, spreading rose variety that hugs the earth like a living carpet. These roses are characterized by their vigorous growth, abundant blooms, and the ability to cover large areas of the garden with a blanket of color. They are ideal for providing ground cover, suppressing weeds, and creating a lush, vibrant landscape that requires minimal maintenance.

Example Varieties:

  • Flower Carpet Series: These roses are renowned for their resilience and ability to create a colorful carpet of blooms. They are available in a variety of colors, providing options to suit your garden's theme.

  • Kent: A Ground Cover Rose with a charming presence, Kent graces your garden with delicate blooms that cascade like a floral waterfall.

  • Lancashire: This variety offers a profusion of lush, vibrant flowers that carpet your garden with striking color, making it a standout choice for ground cover.

  • Surrey: A rose that embraces the earth, Surrey creates a tapestry of beauty with its graceful, spreading growth and abundant blossoms.

Henry Street Nursery invites you to explore the beauty and charm of Ground Cover Roses. Our collection, featuring these resilient and spreading varieties, will transform your garden into a living masterpiece that requires minimal maintenance while delivering maximum visual impact. Order now and let the natural artistry of our Ground Cover Roses blanket your garden with beauty.